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 Customer Service

Quality production in a word means "consumer mental relaxation after purchase." According to its policy of consumer rights preference, Laurx has tried to offer its products the highest quality to consumers, and also with the help of experts and representatives of the after sales service, they have tried to satisfy customers. Also, in line with consumer policy and customer satisfaction with the aim of expanding the after-sales service unit, providing better service and comprehensive support, the Call Center unit was launched using the expertise of experienced experts and forces, and now having more than 600 delegates After-sales service throughout the country is ready to provide services to its compatriots.


Customer Relations Center

Since Lorakh Industrial Group's policy is the satisfaction of customers before all matters, and the most important principle in providing customer satisfaction is the provision of quality goods, so the company has always tried to market its products with the highest quality. Also, the Lohrch Customer Relations Center has been numbered 34030-031 for quick access and responsiveness to consumers. This collection, with the support of its experienced and expert experts and having a wide network of after-sales services throughout the country, has made it possible to respond to consumers in the shortest possible time.