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About Lorch

LORCH Company established in 1978 by the private sector aiming at entrepreneurship and employment acquired brilliant records as one of the largest manufacturers of home appliances, cooling and heating systems in Iran. During these years LORCH has manufactured different types of products such as water heaters, evaporative air coolers, Gas Space Heaters, wall hung boilers and panel radiators. Lorch, with the aim of achieving superior quality, energy consumption optimization of products and consumers satisfaction, has taken long strong steps so far manufacturing high quality products such as wall hung boilers which have been designed applying European latest technology according to customers' requirements aiming at energy saving.

In this regard, Lorch had been the first Iranian Company equipped with the most advanced full-automated Italian Steel Panel radiators production line. Utilizing scientific design and the best quality raw material, Lorch manufactures highest efficiency and quality products which are unrivaled in Iran and capable of competing with their foreign counterparts.


Technology in production, research and innovation

Innovative activities which serves the healthy environment is a principle brought about by Lorch in all the fundamentals of design, production and customers services for success in and pride of products manufacture based on the world’s latest technologies and standards.

Lorch has succeeded in acquiring an R&D division permit in 1996 from ministry of industries among the first candidate companies.

Lorch experts are seriously working on acquiring experience and new methods of quality optimization, efficiency promotion, and reduction of environmental destructive effects and, at the same time, new products.